Fall in love with Paris, at your own peril. It will intrigue, mesmerise and engulf you in its beauty. The greatest thing about this city of love is that everyone has their own version of Paris. You could love it for its little boulangeries and cafes, its charming streets and boutiques, or the classics that never go out of fashion. Seriously, I am bored of the Eiffel Tower – said no one ever.





Amélie Ebongue

Amélie Ebongue

Discover digital entrepreneur Amelie’s Paris through her artistic and hip eye. Amelie is passionate about branding, fashion and how the web has transformed the way we communicate with the world.

Louise Foucha

Louise Foucha

With her worldly bohemian taste, Louise’s is Paris is truly unique. An eternal traveller, Louise lives for the thrill of meeting new people and discovering new places. Her drive to seek out new experiences doesn’t stop when she’s back in her hometown, Paris. Explore Louise’s fun-loving yet hip side of Paris through her chosen Parisian hotspots.

Audrey Lya-Levy

Audrey Lya-Levy

A journalist with an entrepreneurial spirit, Audrey is constantly on the lookout for new experiences and environments. She has worked across different platforms and has been exposed to people of all walks of life. As a young mother, Audrey is particularly in tune with kid-friendly locations.

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Paris will surprise you, but even if it doesn’t, the classics will never go out of style. Seriously, I am bored of the Eiffel Tower – said no one ever. Want to live like a Parisian? Let’s play!

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