At Suits You Cities, we believe in each city’s unique character and strive to make you feel like a local in whichever city you visit with us.
When we say we’re an insider guide, we really mean it. We’ve teamed up with local trendsetters in each of our cities to help you discover each city’s authentic vibe. Our insiders include foodies, artists, bloggers, entrepreneurs and photographers whom we’ve carefully selected for their personal connection to their city. Through these chosen trendsetters, you’ll be sure to hit up locals’ favourite hotspots and hidden gems you’d never come across otherwise.



When Sarah, a Parisian by birth and traveller by nature, moved to Sydney in her early twenties, she was exposed to people from around the world. New connections around the globe only fueled Sarah’s love for travel even further. It wasn’t long before she found herself attending weddings in Sweden, Hawaii, and Israel, visiting friends in Barcelona, Milan, and Amsterdam, and making pit stops across Southeast Asia between France and Australia.

Through her friends’ eyes, Sarah discovered the authentic culture and what the locals loved to do, and never felt like a tourist anywhere she went.

For every place Sarah discovered, she’d grab a business card. Pretty quickly, Sarah had amalgamated heaps of business cards for hotspots recommended by friends around the world. When recently asked to recommend places in Sweden, and looking at her business cards, Sarah was struck with a vision: why not convert these cards into an actual card game? And so the idea for Suits You Cities was born.

Meanwhile, Angus, a chance encounter Sarah made while looking for a home in Sydney, was working on boats around the world. When he returned to Australia, he and Sarah reconnected on a two-hour train journey to see a concert, Sarah decided to share her idea with him. She immediately detected sparkles in his eyes and could tell he believed in the idea. It was obvious from that moment that both Sarah and Angus had embarked on the wonderful journey that is Suit You Cities.